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March 8, 2011

10 Tips for Clear & Glowing Skin on Your Wedding Day

By special guest contributer Amber Schamel, Skin Analyst at Glow Spa

Well congratulations! What an exciting time of your life! But you have lots to do! Picking out a dress, menu planning... and have you figured out what songs you are going to play? Are you having a reception? Who will be maid of honor? 

But there’s one thing that the majority of brides forget: their skin. The skin has a 6 week renewal cycle; this means that women often won’t see skin problems until a week or so before their wedding, and by then it’s too late to do much about it! To prevent this, it takes some advance planning. 

If you’re like most brides, there can be a lot of stress during the wedding preparation. Science has shown us that emotions and stress can cause skin breakouts such as acne or even eczema. In addition to that, brides-to-be don’t have a whole lot of time to devote to their skin on a daily basis. They need simple, quick, and economical ways to solve their skin troubles. 

This is where the skin analysis comes in. With the analysis machine at Glow Spa Skin Analysis we can actually see below the surface of your skin to treat and prevent potential trouble areas. This also allows for more economical skin care as you know what is right for your skin. 

We all want to have a glowing, healthy face and look our best on our wedding day, so what can we do to solve skin problems? 

Here are 10 quick and easy tips to look your best on your wedding day.
  • Plan in advance!
    Brides need to start thinking about their skin right away and take measures to keep it healthy. If you choose to have a skin analysis, we like to schedule it 6-8 weeks before your wedding so that your skin has time to renew.
  • Drink lots of water!
    By drinking lots of water through this busy and emotional time, you will avoid a lot of dryness in your skin and also promote healthy, blushing cheeks and a sweet voice. If you struggle with hoarseness, a humidifier while you sleep may be helpful.
  • Take some time to slow down and relax.
    Stress is very damaging not only to your appearance but also to your overall health. By taking time to relax, you can recover from stress and calm your nerves. Consider scheduling a skin analysis. This is a luxurious, spa like experience that will also promote healthy skin. Tell us you’re a bride-to-be and receive a free analysis at Glow Spa.
  • Wear SPF!
    All women should be wearing SPF on a daily basis. The sun damages your skin and causes pre-mature aging. Wrinkles begin developing 7 years before they are actually visible. By wearing SPF daily, you can remain the youthful looking bride for many years to come! We recommend 15SPF for everyday and at least 30SPF when you are going to be out in the sun for longer than 15 minutes.
  • Eat a balanced diet.
    A balanced diet will help you keep your immunity up as well as promote your overall health and strength.
  • Gently Exfoliate Weekly
    Exfoliation is the key to beautiful skin. It speeds up the renewal cycle and removes dead skin cells. We recommend Artistry’s Polishing Scrub as it has spherical exfoliation beads that will not damage your skin tissue like most brands will.
  • Change your pillowcase weekly
    Changing your pillowcase weekly helps to stop the spread of bacteria and oils that will clog pores.
  • Increase your intake of Zinc and Fiber
    Zinc and Fiber are helpful in creating a beautiful glowing appearance.
  • Use a moisturizer
    Dehydrated skin often causes more breakouts because your skin tries to make up for the dryness by manufacturing more oil. Keeping your face clean and moisturized will prevent this.
I hope you have found these suggestions helpful. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and here’s wishing you healthy, heavenly skin on your wedding day!

About Amber Schamel
As a Christian skin analyst, Amber Schamel understands that the woman is the crowning of God’s creation and that a prudent wife is as jewels in her husband’s crown. With the skin analysis she helps women to look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside without the artificial pomp of modern pop culture. The analysis and treatment is a natural and therapeutic way to bring out toxins in your skin exposing a radiant, healthy and clear complexion. Amber’s passion is to help women achieve the skin they always wanted so that they can be confident in who they are and be the most effective as a handmaiden of Christ. Amber Schamel received her certification in Skin Analysis for North America from the GLOW University out of Atlanta, GA. Amber is the second of 11 children and currently lives with her family in Larkspur, CO. She enjoys serving her father in their many family businesses. 


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