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January 26, 2011

An Interview with Michelle, Creator of Designer Napkin Cuffs

I am happy to introduce you to a very special lady, who is both an exemplary bride to her husband of over 17 years and the designer and creator of luxurious and elegant napkin rings for weddings and formal dinners. She iMichele Nicholson, the designer behind Haute Interiors, LLC. In this interview, she tells about how she met and fell in love with her husband, and she gives some valuable advice about keeping the marriage covenant and honoring God's commands for marriage. She also tells us about her new line of wedding products, Designer Napkin Cuffs, available on Etsy.

Tell us about you and your husband, and the story of how you met and fell in love.
    I had always desired to get married when growing up.  But, when I stopped looking for that perfect man for me, that is when he was provided. (I learned a valuable lesson there.) 

    One day, out of the blue, an older friend of mine asked me if I wanted to be married. I looked at her strangely and replied, “One day”. Then she disappeared. I thought no more of it. 

    January 22, 2011

    Wedding Gowns with Sleeves on Clearance!

    Much to my surprise, I found that Light-in-the-Box has some amazing clearances going on right now for wedding gowns, including an unparalleled selection of gowns with sleeves. Yes, sleeves are back in style for modern wedding gowns! I've always loved the look of sleeves even though I have nothing against many sleeveless styles. The coverage of sleeves is nice, of course, but I also have always appreciated how a bodice with sleeves aesthetically balances the bottom of the dress better than many strapless or sleeveless dresses. 

    Many of the dresses below are elegant, classic, and modern styles, some of them playful like styles found during the roaring 50s, others are reminiscent of Lady Jane Grey or Queen Elizabeth. Others look like a dress Galadrial or Arwen would wear. Some are simply modern, but sweet. You'll find sleeves of all lengths and shapes below, from capped sleeves to long, shear to double-lined satin, ruffled or bell-shaped to slim and straight.

    "So You Want to Get Married?" Advice for the Unmarried

    An overwhelming number of young, unmarried women I talk to say their hopes for the future include marrying and being a mommy. They say it in hushed tones and with half a smile, as if they think it is abnormal and archaic to wish such a thing. Many of these young women have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into ministry in their homes, churches, communities, foreign mission fields. Many climb the corporate ladder, or add bachelors, masters, and doctorates onto their resume. Many of them would drop any of these pursuits in a moment if a godly, visionary man came up to them and said, "Let's make a family together."

    Steve and Candice Watters have been promoting the cause of marriage among Christian young people for several years now, encouraging young women who want to be married to treat marriage and children like a worthy endeavor, and challenging young men to quickly reach the point where they are ready for marriage and to take initiative. I recently listened to a podcast interview done by Kevin Swanson's Generations with Vision program, in which he interviewed Steve and Candice Watters. Candice talks about how godly young women should look forward to and pursue marriage even more than educational and careerism goals. She says when we have a goal to pursue, such as wanting to be a doctor, or wanting to be a writer, we live like we want to be a doctor or a writer. The same should be true of marriage. If we want to be married, we should live like we are planning to be married-- we make a place for it in our lives, we build our character and skill base so that we are well-suited for marriage, we mingle with godly couples who will disciple us, and we live like we want to be married. Instead of whispering about and glancing sideways at goals for marriage, they encourage singles to pursue it as a worthy calling, which God will bless.

    Listen to Candice and Steve's interview on Generations with Vision. I guarantee that you will be edified and encouraged.

    Advice for Marrying and Marriage from the Reformers

    Martin Luther, Preaching on Marriage

    "How I dread preaching on the estate of marriage! I am reluctant to do it because I am afraid if I once get really involved in the subject it will make a lot of work for me and for others. ... I would much prefer neither to look into the matter nor to hear of it. But timidity is no help in an emergency; I must proceed. I must try to instruct poor bewildered consciences, and take up the matter boldly....