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February 24, 2011

We Are Looking for Real Weddings to Feature!

Tell us your story. Send us your photos. Be an encouragement to other Christian brides.

Everyone who is planning a wedding loves to hear somebody else's real wedding story, especially if it gives insight or ideas for their own wedding. If you or someone you know has begun their marriage with a Christian wedding recently, we would love to hear about it! We want to know about how you managed both temporal and eternal details involving your wedding, so give us the low-down on practical things like venue, dresses, hairstyles, music, food, flowers, schedule, and other special elements that were important to you; but also tell us about composing your vows, using Scripture in the ceremony, honoring special family members, edifying others, giving glory to God, and making your wedding distinctly Christian for all concerned. Was there anything you were really glad you did? Anything that you wished could have been different? How about anything that was just plain hilarious?

Real Wedding Stories Wanted!
Let's give other would-be brides a vision for how to plan a wedding that is both beautiful & fun as well as God-honoring.

If you're interested, contact Annie with your submission ideas.

- The Christian Bride Resource

February 17, 2011

Create a Honeysuckle Wedding with the Pantone Colour of the Year 2011

This color has been called "courageous," "confidant," and "vital," by its author, Pantone, the color trend-setter. This color has set wedding dreamers afloat on a cloud of rosy creativity. It's reddish pink: sweet, vibrant, glowing, energetic, and youthful. Why shouldn't it belong in a wedding? 

Here are a few photos to help you out with ideas, and a few vendors who have caught on to the Honeysuckle Pink theme for this year. 

Bouquets in Honeysuckle Pink
We all know that the honeysuckle flower comes in yellow, cream, and white more commonly than it comes in pink. However, the fresh, sweet scent of real honeysuckle is what initiated the christening of this orangey-dusty-pink color as "Honeysuckle". Thankfully, there are many other types of flowers that come in this color, including roses, tulips, calla lilies, tiger lilies, carnations, ranunculus, and some orchids. 
Pink Rose Bouquet by Lilywinkel (above)

February 11, 2011

The Vision of the Christian Bride Resource Directory

There is a growing trend of snobbish brides that is starting to get out of hand. Their comments and conundrums are all over the internet as they stress over how to get the ring they want, how to exclude their little sister from the wedding party, how to trim down the guest list, how to tell a cousin to tidy his beard, how to get the rich great aunt to pay for a destination wedding... and the list goes on and on.

It's no wonder. Bride resource magazines, websites, and forums have encouraged this type of behavior in all their literature. "It's your day." "What matters most is that you do what you want to do." "This is the biggest day of your life, so you are the one who needs to be happy with the results." "This wedding is about you, not them." Bridal advertisers build an image in every bride's mind of herself as the princess, the fairy queen, the goddess of the wedding day. Something about her status gives her the right to dictate exactly how every detail will be, and she thinks she has the right to cause thunderstorms or rainbows with her magic wand.

February 2, 2011

Custom Wedding Paintings and Drawings by Dina Argov of Dacha Studio

Dina Argov
Wedding portrait painting has become a lost art in this culture of digital photography, but many young couples and their families desire a wedding portrait that will be passed down to children and grandchildren in the form of a vivid, painted masterpiece. Today I want to introduce you to an artist with a rich appreciation for symbolism as well as an incredible talent for realistic representation in her custom wedding and portrait paintings and sketches. Dina Argov comes from a family of artistic talent and tells stories about her time spent as a little girl in Russia, sketching under the table while her mother painted folk art for tourists. Now Dina is married and has her own little girl. She lives in Israel, and spends her days painting heirloom masterpieces that represent the purity and joy of a godly marriage. If you'd like to contact Dina for a custom request or take a look at more of her artwork, go to the Dacha Studo on Etsy. Also, don't forget to tour the Weddings Section of her studio! 
(Note: All photos copyright Dina Argov, Jan. 2010)

Custom-made humorous wedding painting

Tell us about your custom wedding portraits and what makes them unique.

My custom wedding portraits are special artwork made by custom order. During history there were times when wedding portraits were very popular, and included marriage and wedding symbols like pearls, which indicate fertility, or palm leaves, which indicate pureness of the bride. My wedding portraits are inspired by this tradition, but they can be more versatile in theme and style. The premium portraits I make are with oil on canvas, or pencil on paper. I prefer monochrome when the style is classic, but full color when it is humorous.