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February 17, 2011

Create a Honeysuckle Wedding with the Pantone Colour of the Year 2011

This color has been called "courageous," "confidant," and "vital," by its author, Pantone, the color trend-setter. This color has set wedding dreamers afloat on a cloud of rosy creativity. It's reddish pink: sweet, vibrant, glowing, energetic, and youthful. Why shouldn't it belong in a wedding? 

Here are a few photos to help you out with ideas, and a few vendors who have caught on to the Honeysuckle Pink theme for this year. 

Bouquets in Honeysuckle Pink
We all know that the honeysuckle flower comes in yellow, cream, and white more commonly than it comes in pink. However, the fresh, sweet scent of real honeysuckle is what initiated the christening of this orangey-dusty-pink color as "Honeysuckle". Thankfully, there are many other types of flowers that come in this color, including roses, tulips, calla lilies, tiger lilies, carnations, ranunculus, and some orchids. 
Pink Rose Bouquet by Lilywinkel (above)

Pink Bouquet by (above)

Wedding Accessories in Honeysuckle
Most grooms would probably agree that a wedding themed entirely in pink would not be entirely to their liking. Most of your audience would also agree. The solution? Choose Honeysuckle Pink as a complementary color to some other lovely neutral, such as black, taupe, champagne, brown, orange, cream, or white. Then, use honeysuckle pink in your accessories. Tie a honeysuckle sash on your pews or on your bridesmaid dresses, or add honeysuckle pink shoe clips to your dress shoes. Even a simple ribbon headband or jewelry accent would go a long way in Honeysuckle.
Pink Flower Shoe Clips by Lilywinkel (above)

Rose Pink and Oxidized Silver Earrings by Happy Max Designs (above)

Pink Crystal Bridal Necklace by My Jewels (above)

Hot Pink Wedding Sash by 5Eizen (above)

Bridesmaid Dresses in the 2011 Color of the Year
Of course, what bridesmaid wouldn't like a cute dress in Honeysuckle Pink? If you'd like to be considerate to your bridesmaids and let them take home a dress they might actually wear again, these sweet and feminine bridesmaid dresses in Pantone's color of the year might be just what they would like! Honeysuckle is pink enough to satisfy any pink lover, and just zingy and energetic enough to appeal to less girly types.

 The Jessica London dress (first) is currently on sale for $20 to $50, and is simple, stylish, and casual enough to be worn again to a less-formal occasion. The other bridesmaid dresses in this section are hand-picked by Pantone as exactly matching their description of Honeysuckle 18-2120, so if you're a stickler for exactitude, any of those would be the way to go! 


Alfred Sung Style D421 and D418 (both above)

Use this jacket to easily add a touch of Honeysuckle Pink without overwhelming your color scheme. It's also a beautiful way to add coverage to a strapless dress.

Flower Girl Dresses in "Honeysuckle" Color of the Year
Also hand-picked by Pantone's Color of the Year team, these flower girl dresses are sweet and stylish, and can easily have a complementary color added in the form of a sash. 

Reception Decor in the Color of the Year
Fresh flowers always make the loveliest table centerpieces, but they can often be expensive. Consider making smaller centerpieces or using silk or real touch flower arrangements that can bring in the Honeysuckle color as well as fit your budget.
Gradation of cream-pink to rose-pink table centerpiece by Occasions Catering.

Passion Pink Reception Decor by The Flower Company

Or, add just a touch of pink with accent napkins on a white tablecloth. These pink beverage napkins are available through Oriental Trading.

If you decide to use any of our ideas, be sure to stop by again and let us know! Also, if there's a color scheme you'd especially like to see in one of our posts in the future, drop us a note and we'd be happy to do the research for you.

-The Christian Bride Resource

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