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February 24, 2011

We Are Looking for Real Weddings to Feature!

Tell us your story. Send us your photos. Be an encouragement to other Christian brides.

Everyone who is planning a wedding loves to hear somebody else's real wedding story, especially if it gives insight or ideas for their own wedding. If you or someone you know has begun their marriage with a Christian wedding recently, we would love to hear about it! We want to know about how you managed both temporal and eternal details involving your wedding, so give us the low-down on practical things like venue, dresses, hairstyles, music, food, flowers, schedule, and other special elements that were important to you; but also tell us about composing your vows, using Scripture in the ceremony, honoring special family members, edifying others, giving glory to God, and making your wedding distinctly Christian for all concerned. Was there anything you were really glad you did? Anything that you wished could have been different? How about anything that was just plain hilarious?

Real Wedding Stories Wanted!
Let's give other would-be brides a vision for how to plan a wedding that is both beautiful & fun as well as God-honoring.

If you're interested, contact Annie with your submission ideas.

- The Christian Bride Resource

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