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March 31, 2011

Old Wedding Traditions from Around the World

I recently found these funny old wedding traditions in the book, A Short History of Marriage by Ethel L. Urlin. Maybe you will find them useful for a wedding speech or best man toast!

Southern Italy:
"In country places harvest-time is the period for courtship, and the girl who is the quickest gleaner has the best chance of marriage. Gleaning takes place on Sunday, as a rule, and each maiden hangs the sheaves that she has gathered from her chamber window, or displays them on her roof, so that all may see the result of her labour." p. 79

 "It is the young women, and not the men, among the upper classes in Germany, who make the matrimonial choice. Girls who are sure of a comfortable dowry, settle the question with their mother." p. 82

"Young men in Switzerland are very particular to marry a girl of their own village. Neighboring young men are kept out by force, and a girl who marries one is discredited."  p. 97ff


  1. Very interesting! I like the Italian tradition :) It just sounds really romantic.

  2. That's my favorite too, Rose! I guess we'd better be practicing our gleaning efficiency! :)