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July 26, 2011

Engaged and Planning a Wedding? Do it Corum Deo.

Recently a very good friend of mine said yes to a godly young man who had been pursuing her. Immediately they began planning their wedding.  It was going to be God-centered, gospel-preaching, and a joyful event to celebrate what God had done! They knew they wanted a short engagement, so a date was chosen 3 months out.

Recently I received a very sweet, transparent email from her asking for prayer. The wedding stress was starting to pile up, and it was getting more and more difficult to keep a proper focus on the things that really mattered! On top of that, she didn't like what the wedding stress seemed to be doing to the relationships that mattered most to her.

Here are some of the things she wanted prayer for. May her list bless you as well, and help you to keep a "Corum Deo" (before the face of God) mindset in your own wedding planning.

Pray that God continue to help us see each other through His eyes. That we would have unity and a united vision for our future. I believe we do have this but God allows us to see things differently and we need to use this as a strength not a weakness. 
Pray that financially things come through for us to get an apartment.
Pray that the Lord helps the wedding plans to come along but we don't want all our focus to be there. We still are trying to serve the Lord and seek him and a wedding is not more important then people knowing God and hearing the gospel!
I'm not perfect, still learning how to balance everything else and keep God as my first priority. 
Her heartfelt desire to please God and her future husband blessed me. I pray it blesses you as well! 

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